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Ghost Ball Python

This tank ain't big enough for the both of us.

Shugie’s profile is published, and it’s a hum-dinger. Here’s an excerpt:

There are rescues and then there are RESCUES. Shugie has been granted full refugee status here at Dovetail, and she earned it the hard way, believe me. When Shugie came to us, she was suffering from festering fang marks over much of her body, a slew of broken ribs, acute dehydration and (not surprisingly) a rip-roaring case of PTSD.

Shugie spent over a week in a tank with a full-grown ball python. She survived by “pulling a full-blown Ripley on its serpentine ass,” as her rescuer, a budding rat fan, so eloquently put it. Sigourney Weaver would be proud. Every time the python grabbed her, Shugie punched its face and eyes and sank her own impressive teeth into whatever snakey morsel came within reach. Apparently the battle resolved into stalemate, and upon seeing the damage Shugie was doling out, the snake’s owner decided to rethink her policy on live feeder rodents, altogether….

The full story is under SHUGIE in the menu below. More profiles on the way, though perhaps not quite the “profiles in courage” that Shugie’s is.