A spiritually-minded gentleman, in a recent blog post, discussed the nature of two important totems in his life, the dog and the rat. Here’s a sampling:

Cunning, Resourceful, Logical, Morally Ambiguous, A Survivor.

Rat, i didn’t have a lot of choice when it came to Rat, he was always with me. We are essentially the same person anyway. How i view life is through rat tinted glasses. Which always puts a very interesting visual in my head. Every moment in our lives is an opportunity to grow and prosper to those who are Rat minded, or for those exemplify his teachings. Not always to the benefit of those around or near you, but often to yourself and what you consider your family group. A Rat Shaman quickly realizes that the universe may or may not be 100% on his side, but it definitely leaves plenty of loopholes. As long as you interpret the signs in the right way. Now this path is fraught with peril, and great reward. A Rat must always keep his eyes open for missteps and traps set by the callous and frankly not very bright people they have to navigate daily. Universally disliked, Rat still prospers off the decadence of our “success”. The Greater and more wasteful we become, the quicker and stronger the Rat becomes. They are seen as disease ridden pests, but that is just a shadow of the poison we force into their lives that has come back to bite us in the ass. Rat is a seeker of knowledge and has helped many a doctor reach a conclusion that would otherwise be unprovable. Rat is our under-appreciated partner. Rat has shaped our society along with us. Always in the wings to remind us of the dangers of overindulgence, or poisoned soup…


Well put, Mr. Riotoku. I believe you grasp the true nature of our friend.

His blog:  http://urbanwander.wordpress.com/2011/02/28/oh-what-a-twisted-road-its-been/