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Here’s a cute video post from a cool rat chick’s blog, ratslikethings:

As a teacher, I’ve heard every ridiculous story under the sun about missing homework. Personally, I once left an entire stack of research papers I was grading over spring break at the bottom of the Grand Canyon rather than chasing through the dark after the slavering, murderous varmint that swiped them So it was “right back at ya” week when classes resumed: “Um, a coyote ate your homework. No, really. Here’s what’s left of a cover page with muddy footprints and gnaw marks all over it. Yes, that’s blood smeared across your name, and maybe a fleck or two of rabbit fur. No, I wasn’t going to argue with him, since it wasn’t that good a paper, anyway. Being eaten was the best thing that could have happened to that paper.”

Yeah, my teaching evaluations that semester don’t bear thinking about.

I actually did get the “embibed by my rat” excuse once, long before I became a rat chick. Didn’t believe it for a second. Now I know. Seeing is believing. I owe that kid an apology and a grade change.