Baby Hotspur Photo

At last, at last! I’ve been trying for a litter out of the fabulously handsome Sebastian for two years now but was beginning to believe he might be what we euphemistically refer to in the South as “sensitive”, i.e., homosexual. Nope, not gay – just picky. When introduced to Marigold, a lovely little cinnamon doe with sparkling ruby-red eyes, he was instantly smitten. And what a litter! Thirteen bumptious baby bunny-rats, all dumbo-eared, with just about every color of the rainbow and variety of markings, even one little Harry Potter with a lightning bolt on his forehead. What a smashing litter! What a wealth of adorable, well-formed little youngsters. I’ll post more photos as I manage to collect them.

If you’d like to be considered as an adoptive parent for a pair of these little guys, contact me via the website at Include a bit about your circumstances and history with rats (if any), as well as your plans for appropriately caging these wee tim’rous beasties. Babies only go in pairs or trios, of course, since a lone rat is a miserable rat, and babies can never, ever be used as breeders or feeders. As is also always the case, babies are guaranteed: if they don’t work out, you can bring them back. If you want to be on the list, jump to it. I’m already receiving inquiries from locals, but I am willing to hold babies with payment for blog subscribers who may need a little time to arrange pick up for their babies.

More photos to come!