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As I am malingering in graduate school while the nation malingers in what is regularly referred to in print now as “The Great Recession,” perhaps it’s time to share a few money-saving tips with fellow rat lovers. Even more so than usual, your comments and tips are welcome! A penny saved is a Yogie earned.

Tip number one is actually a shopping referral to wag.com, a very good place to get Oxbow Regal Rat in great big bags at significant savings. I know, spend money to save money….

Enter the discount code GJDX7774 , and receive an additional 25% off your purchase courtesy of yours truly.

More crucially, this site’s free shipping purchase requirements are much lower than a lot of online pet food retailers. I buy two 20 pound bags, and get free shipping. Hard to find free shipping on 40 pounds of food anymore.

Regal rat is pricey, but trust me, completely worth it. The smaller size of each piece (compared to traditional lab block) lends itself to less waste through crumbling and misplaced caches. A partially-eaten block lost in the bedding is a rare occurance with the smaller sized pieces of yummy RR. My guys actually dislike Oxbow’s Young Rat and Mouse Food, which has a higher protein content–but they will fight over the adult rat mixture. It is full of good-for-you ingredients and has a mild sort of salmony seafood smell to it that sends most ratties into paroxysms of joy.

And in these hard times, who couldn’t use a little extra joy?