Front Design

With all the cool design software floating around out there, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Dovey got bored and started messing around with t-shirt design–initially creating an oblique tarantula/country music crossover in-joke t-shirt…I know, right?

Very quickly, however, I realized how awesome it would be to have a decent big cotton tote to keep ratty bedding in. It currently feels like my whole apartment is slowly being taken over by loose fluffy beds and crinkly hammocks and God knows how many scraps of old t-shirt squares. And since these are all about bed time and sleeping, I put together a little tote bag with sweet sleepy rat pictures. If you like the basic design idea, you can put it on other merchandise on the site, as well. I’m pleased that the entire project comes in under $20.

Cards on the table, I picked this site because they had the best cool, natural plus size t-shirts. The days when I will put up with clingy, ridey-up T-shirts are officially over. Those fashion nightmares are now ratty bedding.

Funny thing, designing stuff is completely contagious. I now find myself wishing this site I chose had more non-apparel merchandise to play around with.

Anyway, I think the bag’s pretty cute and certainly will be useful. The site is called Customized Girl, and my storefront is, not surprisingly, Dovetail Designs. Here’s the link if you’d like to look at a couple of other designs:


What do you think? I’d value your honest opinion! Oh, and if you feel compelled to order a Night-Night Ratty bag of your very own, rest assured that the entirety of my wee small royalties will go toward the Dovetail rat rescue mission. So yay, feel great while doing good. : -)


Back design close-up showing color and texture of natural cotton shopping bag. I love its slubbiness!