Welcome to Dovetail Rats

Dovey and Tybalt Take a Study Break

Welcome to Dovetail Rats, home to a troupe of delightfully engaging rodents and 1 pedantic scholar. Our purpose? To converse on the topic of that marvelous creature, Rattus norvegicus, and to play at least a small role in calming the whirlwind of misinformation that presently encircles these “wee tim’rous beasties.”

In few, our friend the rat has been the victim of bad publicity–some of the worst in human history. With a bit of effort, we hope to diffuse at least a modicum of the acrimony unjustly heaped upon rats by a hostile world–for the betterment of rats and the people who love them.

Who am I? A college instructor and writing tutor who remains astonished at the high levels of ignorance and knee-jerk revulsion with which otherwise thoughtful, intelligent people initially respond to my pets.

Apropos the tutoring gig and quite apart from any remarks you may care to leave regarding the content of my posts, you would be doing me a great service by taking a moment to call to my attention any grammatical or syntactical gaffs you may stumble upon. Regrettably, blogs do not allow ample time for editing. Yet commas remain wily beasts: we dare not turn our backs on them!

Thank you for joining me. Please feel free to add to the discussion!

Dovey <:3 )~~~~

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Dovetail Rats”

  1. Hi Doveyrat,

    I thought you might want to know that I took on your challenge and recently penned a post about breeding for health and longevity. Thank you for your comment, it gave me the kick in the pants I needed to get that post out 🙂

  2. So glad to find your site! Kudos for defending this marvelous creature from the ignorance of the uninitiated. I have 3 girls, now, at my advanced age, for the first time since I was in high school.

    How did I manage without these precious souls in my life for all those years?

    ps we obviously have similar tastes, just look at our pages!

    :- )

  3. Ah, now that I’ve seen your blog I understand why you visited mine. Being a fanatical finicky editor, I’d be happy to insult your writing (joking). Unfortunately, I see no mistakes in this post. I shall remain, however, vigilant.

  4. I never thought of it that way, well put!

  5. Bravo! Delightful … Your blog, that is, not the reaction folks have to our rats.

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